23 Mar 2012

M.O.D - Sheezay Feat Psycho Unit

Song: M.O.D
Album: Sheezay's Kambathu Rapper
Artist: Sheezay Feat Rabbit Mac, Daddy Shaq,Candyman,
          Crime Minista, Rubba Bend &  Vikadakavi
Lyric: Sheezay, Rabbit Mac, Daddy Shaq,Candyman, Crime Minista,
         Rubba Bend &  Vikadakavi
Producers: Daddy Shaq & Rabbit Mac
Year: 2012

Tamil Chat


i need m.o.d song lyrics bro

get faster the mod lyrics bro...

i am waiting for psychounit response.

I already contact many times with psychounit and they ask me to wait. They will give it soon. Sorry for the late and request me if you need any other lyrics or song. Tq

bro...mod lyrics got adi ah..???
if got plz...send to me plz

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