18 Dec 2015

Ponnungale Thappa Pesatha Song Review

Title: Thappa Pesathe
Vocals & Lyrics by: Punitha Raja, Santesh & Nantha Raja
Lyrics by: Punitha Raja
Music & Composed by: Santesh Kumar (PSYCHO.unit)
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: RABBIT.MAC (PSYCHO.unit)

In this male dominated entertainment industry (worldwide), we so often hear songs that blame and condemn women for being unfaithful and fake. We seldom come across female-centred songs, explaining a woman’s point of view on these very same issues.

For that, Punitah Raja must first be applauded for her courage & creativity to come up with a singles that highlighted both men’s and women’s point of view in various aspects related to love and dating, such as beauty bias attraction and expectations in love.

The lyrics by Punitha Raja was rather light, breezy and easy to grasp. Though the lyrics carried a slight tease tone, it carried a deep meaning. As the lyrics rhymed from one line to another, Punitah Raja put forward some thought provoking questions. She took into hand the famous concept of where “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and deciphered how both genders react and feel differently for any one common thought. We all suffer from gender biasness, don’t we? The lyrics also incorporated modem age lifestyle related items such as selfies and Facebook likes. This helped us as listeners to relate her lyrics to the reality of our daily lives.

Music by Santesh was peppy and refreshing as we can equally hear the sound traditional musical instruments like the Nadaswaram, Thavil and Tarai on the background, alongside with modern musical instruments like the Electric Guitar.
It was very clever of them to produce a peppy enough song, but not too loud or screaming that it drowned the lyrics. Lyrics were given great emphasis in this singles. All the three vocalist had a rustic tone to their voices that fitted just right for the theme.

In short, great team effort in producing such an inspiring composition. We extend our best wishes to every single one on this team for all their future musical projects & endeavours.

Article By: Mannin Mainthan Malaysia

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