19 Jun 2013

Vetti Pasanga Movie – Audio Launch & Appreciation Gala

The success of her first independent movie ‘Vilayaatu Pasanga’ (Playful Folks) has inspired the renowned director, Vimala Perumal and the producer, Denes Kumar to film another heart rendering movie on life with its frills and trills. Taking off in the same direction, her magic touch on stories of normal people, the guy next door, greed and viciousness as well as love and tenderness may well be the secret ingredients to a fine presentation. Continuing with the incredible success of ‘Vilaiyaatu Pasange’ (Playful Folks), the team is back again, this time with a more farfetched movie titled ‘VETTI PASANGA’(Useless Folks).

The first movie, a romantic comedy took to the big screen on 13th October 2011. It was screened in GSC MidValley, One Utama and Pavillion. Massive acceptance on the movie by the community was a clear sign that a second one will prevail with better reception. Taking off on the same note of ‘1 Malaysia’ and local flavours, Veedu Production produced another film that touches on issues of life, family, love and friendship. ‘Vetti Pasanga’ is put together after much thought and deliberation from the previous hit movie. Positive remarks from the press, newspapers and magazines and the public stated that at last they have their very first local made Tamil movie to be enjoyed on Astro Box Office.
This second feature film entitled ‘Vetti Pasanga’ (Useless Folks) from Veedu Production Sdn. Bhd. is aimed at the youth community in Malaysia. It looks at their problems, hurdles and struggles in life especially in modern times where the purpose in life sometimes desperately in need of strong will power and perseverance. The subtle way in which the movie is directed and presented to their audience is hoped to touch people from all walks of life and to part a bit of meaning to everybody. Not all is glum; the story is cleverly laced out with comedy elements amidst the cynical approach which in fact makes it light and an easy entertainment piece. The production line is headed by Vimala Perumal as the Director, and is produced by the charming Denes Kumar who is also the main actor in the movie.

The ‘Audio Launch and Appreciation Gala’ to the cast and crew will be held at Pawagam Mini P.Ramlee, FINAS (Ampang) on the 19th June 2013, Wednesday at 2.30pm. It will be officiated by Yang Berbahagia Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz. This event will showcase movie tracks and songs from the film for the first time to the public and as an appreciation to all of the cast and crew members whom have sweated it all out and worked hard for the making of the movie. Not forgetting the valuable sponsors and important personnel whom have supported and contributed to this community film. A fact that is certain, Veedu Production will always value the people who suppo rts them and have been the strength throughout the whole process such as the fantastic acting line up consisting of the mesmerizing Denes Kumar, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, David Anthony and Magendran Raman. Also introducing a few new faces such as Alvin Martin, Shastan Kurup, S.S. Kumar and Dharshaini Easparan. Joining the lineup are supporting casts that have long been in the industry such as Thangamani, Malarvizhi and Kalai Selvi. Special appearance will be by Accapan, Azma Aizal Yusoff dan Lim Eng Beng. Guest artists are Jasmine Michael, Geethanjali G, THR Uthaya, Psychomantra, Choges, Sivakumar, Aghonderan, Sasitharan Rajoo and Reneetha.

Regarding the audio album of VETTI PASANGA, the music director for the movie is Daddy Shaq and there two music composers involved; Dhilip Varman and Psychomantra whose beautiful touch seems to suit the flow of the story and concept behind it. The process of producing the songs for the movie took three months from discussion on the concept with the director and producer until final recordings. For all of the composers and the music director who are famous musicians in their own genre, this is their first Malaysian tamil film that they have worked on. The lyricists consists of Yuwaji, Psychomantra, Crank dan Sheezay. Singers for the melody song are Renuka Sree who is attempting a first time debut for movie songs, and Dhilip Varman who is a popular singer as well as the composer for these two melody songs.

The lineup for the club featured song and theme song is none other than Psychomantra himself who is also the composer together with Crank dan Sheezay. These three songs will appear in the movie while another one will be used as a promotional soundtrack which will be used for publicity purposes. Adding to the list is minus ones with lyrics included for the pleasure of the fans who love to karaoke and for instrumental lovers. The CD album will include other Malaysian hits from upcoming singers. The ‘VETTI PASANGA’ CD album is expected to get exposure in Singapore as well as Indonesia and will be distributed to more than 100 digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, OVI and many more thus, available worldwide.

It is hoped that the second movie will be accepted by the community and turn out a success just like the first debut. Hotlink has come in as a partner to jointly promote the audio album of VETTI PASANGA and the movie via various activities, which will be announced later. With all of the good intentions to produce a movie with much sincerity for the Malaysian community as a return for their support and love for tamil movies, this special film that is full of messages will be a gift to them. What better way to show and preserve, to tell and share, all of life’s ups and downs through this movie entitled VETTI PASANGA (Useless Folks).

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